Give Thanks


What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

As we approach Thanksgiving, a few words to think about from Journey to Hope.  We are very thankful for each of you and for God allowing our paths to cross for a season.  Your struggles, and your problems and your journey is very important to us. We care about you very much. 

Many of you have met Israel in my office these past two weeks.  Israel is here for 3 months visiting from India and Bombay Teen Challenge, and he is spending time at Journey to Hope during his stay here, and is praying for the counseling work that is being done, and for every person that comes through our doors.  He is a prayer warrior, but also wants to be a pastor/preacher. One of the things he is most passionate about is giving thanks, which is perfect for this season.  Here are some words from Israel about Thanksgiving.

“We need to always remember that we cannot live without saying thanks. We can give thanks because God gives us everything. Everyday when we wake up we need to give thanks because God gives us life.  Every morning, we need to start our day by giving thanks for the good sleep, for the good hope, for the good life, for our families and loved ones.  When God gives something to us, we have to respond. And our response needs to be thanks."

You cannot pray without thanks.  An example is when we pray at mealtime.  We give thanks because God gives us the food.  Think about the birds of the air; they do not worry about their food. God gives to them, and they wake up each morning singing thanks to God for taking care of them. Giving thanks is the most natural thing for them to do.

 Problems in life?  So many times when we have problems, we feel scared. We must always remember that God is always with us. Can you thank God for your problem?  Can you then fight with your problem knowing that God is with you? God knows your problems and your hurts; your tears are not wasted.  God sees your tears; He cares for you”

Praying for a blessed Thanksgiving for all of you.  Thankful for you, for your life, for your journey.