Anger Management Group


Handling a powerful emotion in a healthy way

Thank you for your interest in our anger management class. We have just wrapped up the first round of our fall anger management course. Our next course is scheduled to begin in January, although we could possibly offer a 2nd round for fall beginning mid to late October, 2019, depending on the number of people needing to complete it before the end of the year..

We offer Anger Management as a group class for our primary format of delivery. Although you can opt to go through the Anger Management course individually, please be aware that there may be additional sessions to make sure you get through all of the material. You can be assured that we will work with you to help complete the course by the dates you need to be finished.

We have had so many inquiries about our Anger Management Course, we decided to provide some of the steps necessary to register and complete the class.

To reserve your spot in our next Anger Management class, there are several steps you need to take:

  1. Go to our New Client Tab and sign the Acknowledgement Form. This will prompt us to call you to confirm your spot

  2. There is a $149 reservation fee to hold your spot in the class This $149 will be applied the total due for the course and materials. If you are a no show for the course, the reservation fee will not be refunded. If you are in the class and miss any of the sessions without notice, the cost for that session will be deducted from your deposit.

  3. If you are court ordered to anger management, we ask that you bring your court paperwork the first night of class, so that we can register who we need to submit certificates of completion and letters to the court on your behalf.

  4. Couples are welcome to come through the anger management course together. The cost of the course is per person.

  5. All classes must be completed in order to receive a certificate of completion and and a letter. If you have to miss a class, you will be required to make it up before a certificate will be issued.

We all get angry.  If your anger gets in the way of your relationships, there is help for you in handling your anger in a healthy way.

Anger is like a fire.  Anger is the gift that keeps on taking.

  • Do you need help understanding and managing your anger?

  • Has anger interfered with, damaged or destroyed relationships that mattered to you?

  • Has anger interfered with your job performance?

  • Have you struggled with other’s responses to your anger?

We all get angry.  If your anger gets in the way of your relationships, there is help for you in handling your anger in a healthy way.

The course is open to men, women and couples. We are still offering a biblically based approach on how to handle anger, however this time we are offering the material as a course. There is a workbook for the course which is required. We are praying that you will make the choice to come and allow yourself the chance to handle and manage anger in a healthier way for you and for those you love.

If you have questions or would like to sign up please contact the office at 540-479-1661. Blessings, Susie

Here is what we will be looking at each week:

WEEK 1  : WHAT IS ANGER? How Do I Manage my Anger? Am I a Rifle or a Shotgun? What does the Bible say about Anger? WHEN ANGER BECOMES DANGER: For you and others 

WEEK  2 :  RAGE: what it looks like, what causes it, what can be done? ANGER PROFILES: The Whiner, The Debater, The Abuser, The Stuffer, The Hostile

WEEK 3    ANGER IN RELATIONSHIPS: Fighting Fair, Dirty Fighting, Biblical Conflict Resolution

WEEK4  : ANGER IN FAMILIES:  Breaking Generational patterns of Anger. How to create angry children, legacies of anger, what can be done? 




Here is how it will work: You must attend and or make up all sessions to get your certificate of completion.  Cost for the course:

 Payment options: 1) session by session ; 2) payment in full or 3) 50% at  beginning of course and the balance due at session 5.

As you know, we made a promise that Journey to Hope would commit to offering Anger Management once a quarter because we believe that anger and the management of anger responses has to be a priority from a Christian perspective. Whether it is one or three or five or more of you each quarter, the investment of time is so worth it. Your family is worth the investment of your time and energy, and for you, learning how to be angry and not let it hurt you, others, or your job will be of great value to you. I hope you will pray about coming for the first time, or consider repeating the course as a refresher. Either way, you are so very welcome to join us.  I am asking that you contact us  let us know if you are interested in joining.

We are making good on our promise to offer Anger Management from a Christian perspective every single quarter of the year. If you have already gone through it once with us, you are welcome to come again. The course changes slightly each offering as new material becomes available. We would love to have you join us.

Praying for you today, that God will continue to be greater than anything you face. Because He is. We are praying that you will make the choice to come and allow yourself the chance to handle and manage anger in a healthier way for you and for those you. 

Blessings, Susie

ANGER MANAGEMENT BEGINS Wednesday August 14, 2019 AT 6:00 P.M.