Life is a Beautiful Struggle

We kicked off our Life is a Beautiful Struggle group on Thursday August 21st with a luncheon.  What a great turnout!  We have divided the group into two sections – one meets at noon on Thursdays and one meets at 6 p.m.  Although the material is the same for each group, the struggles present in each of the groups has been uniquely different.  We will surely be offering something similar in the new year, but just to give you an idea of where we have been with this process group….

Week One  -  We introduced ourselves, and as much of our struggle as we were willing to share.

Week Two -The Beginning of the Struggle – that moment when you realize you are in one!  And an exploration of safety and sacred spaces in our lives, our relationships and our struggles.

Week Three – Weestablished some common ground in the group; then took a look at how Joseph  handled the unexpected, the tragic, the painful, the unthinkable over and over again, and how to navigate when we struggle with loneliness, temptation, stress/anxiety, sin, doubt and purpose.
Week Four – This week we looked at how we received bad news; how we respond in the middle of a struggle and our meeting date coincided with 9/11, so remembering how we reacted and where we were when we heard the news about 9/11 was sobering and used as a springboard for how we receive news that might not be so great and whether we believe God is truly greater than our bad news.

Week Five – This week we focused on when our struggles in life are overwhelming and we wonder how long we can continue as we unpacked the struggles of Job and whether we believe God is truly stronger.

We meet again this week to tie up some loose ends in the group, review what the Bible has to say about struggles, and then we will have another gathering for both groups together on October 9th @ 6 p.m.

Please contact our office if you are interested in the Life is a Beautiful Struggle material.  Susie would be more than happy to work with you individually and walk through this journey into your struggles of life.