Remote Counseling


Skype/FaceTime counseling is a great alternative to face-to-face counseling when it is not possible to make a regular in-office appointment. I treat skype sessions the same way I do face-to-face sessions. Examples of some recent Skype/Facetime sessions have been premarital counseling sessions where one person is out of state; continued counseling when a move/transfer has occurred; when travel is necessary for a job, and counseling continues weekly.

Skype/FaceTime Counseling Tips

Make your appointment just as you would or an office visit by calling 540-479-1661 or emailing Journey to Hope.

The following tips may be useful to make your sessions more effective:

  • Create a private space for yourself free of distractions and other people's presence as best you can during the session time.
  • Have a paper and pencil ready, for eventual note taking. 
  • If you have phones, please turn them off or set it in silent mode.

Billing for Online Counseling

Skype/FaceTime counseling cannot currently be billed through insurance, so payment arrangements must be secured at the time you make your appt.  Skype sessions are billed at my regular hourly rate. Please call the office (540-479-1661) for details about the hourly rate for Skype/FaceTime sessions.