Happy Labor Day 2018

Good morning and Happy Labor Day! Reaching out to let you know that the Journey to Hope office is closed today for Labor Day, but the good news is that I am in the office again this week and getting closer and closer to a regular counseling schedule. I cannot thank you enough for your faithful prayers as I have recovered from surgery. It is my hope to see you really soon. Praying for you and hope you are having a wonderful last weekend of summer. Blessings, Susie🏝


Praying for rest from your labors and struggles today.

Weakness Is a Gift?

How perfect is this post from 2014 for my one month post surgery date. I haven’t felt this level of physical weakness in a very long time, but God has used it and I am getting stronger every day; so very thankful for the lessons learned in this 30 day journey. God is able and He is faithful. Always. 🌻 Blessings, Susie

2014 Post:

1) I am thankful for my struggles. I am trusting God to make them beautiful and to help me be stronger in spite of them.

2) I am thankful for my brokenness; I am trusting God to give me the courage to continue to be strong, even in the broken places.

3) I am thankful for my weakness; let it cause me to rely more on Him to show His grace in my life.


Thankful today.


courage has definitely been needed these past 30 days.

Yes, weakness makes me stronger. A gift, indeed. 

Yes, weakness makes me stronger. A gift, indeed. 

Scars as Living Proof

Today, I return to work with a new scar. Right across the middle of my right knee. It is a reminder that just three weeks ago, something really big, invasive and painful happened there.  It is my prayer that the scar will dimimish over time, but it will not disappear. It will always serve as a reminder of this knee surgery. It is such a good visual for our lives that I wanted to write about it today, on this day I return to work.  

Things happen in life that hurt us. Sometimes, it is someone else that causes the hurt. Sometimes we make a choice that ends up hurting us. Sometimes we get in the path of someone else’s storm, and we are hurt. We have physical, emotional and spiritual scars from these hurts and the healing process is hard, painful and requires massive amounts of work and determination on our part to get better. And yet, while the scar might remain visible, it is most often that the healing creates something even stronger in us as a result of the hurt and the scar and the journey to healing.

I have not really loved physical therapy these last 3 weeks, and it will continue for many more weeks. It is painful to get my knee to move again, and yet, every day, I see progress and movement. Last Thursday, I drove my Jeep for the first time in our neighborhood and Friday, I drove Kenzie to the pool! Progress and small victories from a knee that wouldn’t even bend 3 weeks ago.

So, I say to you, hang in there! Do the work that is your part to get better and heal from your hurts, and let God handle the heavy lifting of your healing. He is able! And then tell your story of what God can do, especially and always when hurt comes your way. And it will.  Claim Jeremiah 30:17  where God promises “ I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the Lord.” Or prob

verbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away  from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones. – Proverbs 3:5-8 NLT

Hope is alive in me today. I pray for it to be alive in you as well. Blessings, Susie💛

Note: Journey to Hope reopens today, Monday August  27th and we will be in the office until 5 p.m. Please pray for my first day back.

We are open every day this week from 11-5,and on a Friday from 10-noon. God is so good to bring healing. We are rejoicing.




Because He does. He is our healer


Drove Kenzie to the pool last Friday. And yes, this photo was taken AFTER we arrived and we took her out of her car seat! CELEBRATING!


Belonging. It is something each and every one of us needs. We work hard in this life, spinning our wheels to achieve enough to belong, to check enough boxes to belong, to follow enough rules to qualify to belong, to be what someone else wants from us enough to belong. Enough. How we strive to be and do enough.How about if we give up all that striving and work just to be enough? And rest in Gods promise that says once we are His, we belong. Just like that. We are loved with an everlasting love, and no one is able to take it away. Because it was and is only His to give. And He gave all. For you. For me. I belong. You belong. We belong. (Ephesians 2:19-22) No additional hidden fees or requirements except to believe, to take Him at His word. That is our Hope. Our place in this world.Praying for you to hold on to this wonderful promise of His everlasting love for you today. You are enough. Blessings, Susie💛


Belonging. How we all want to belong. 

Journey to Recovery

Reaching out with an update for you. Recovery is going well. I was discharged from Occupational Therapy today💛and I am getting really close to being released to outpatient Physical Therapy.   I have been looking for the perfect caption for this beautiful photo taken by Dennis Colvin, and it all came together in my recovery from knee surgery. And the perfect Chinese proverb for his picture, “to get through the hardest Journey, we need only  take one step at a time, but we must keep stepping.” Thank you Dennis for allowing me to use and share this beautiful picture.  How true that has been for all the steps taken since August 6th. Your prayers have made a difference in my recovery for sure. Thank you.

My plan is to be back in the office next week (Aug 27-31) with limited hours. I appreciate your prayers and you can be sure you remain in mine. Blessings, Susie


 The Journey to Recovery has been painful post surgery, but has only been possible step by step. What a life lesson in this whole process!

 The Journey to Recovery has been painful post surgery, but has only been possible step by step. What a life lesson in this whole process!

Photo taken by Dennis Colvin