JULY 15, 2017 UPDATE We had a great time spreading some hope all through town yesterday. Thanks to our incredibly talented clients who created some amazing Rocks of Hope. A couple of my favorites were "Hope..inner beauty revealed through brokenness" and "Life is a climb, but the view is great for there is hope". Some clues in the pictures about where we hid some of these...and some great help hiding from Kenzie and Romeo. Hope you find some of our hope today. #TheBurgRocks #Hopeiseverywhere

JULY 13, 2017We are very busy getting ready to hide Hope all over Fredericksburg! Our clients have been hard at work painting rocks in our office this week. One for clients to take with them to hide, and one left for us to hide. Hope is the best thing we can give and share, so we hope to see these all around town💛