American Association of Christian Counselor's (AACC) 2013 World Conference

We have just returned home from the 2013 AACC World Conference, and the conference was world class! The line-up of speakers and presenters could not have been more perfectly designed for me. Making choices about workshops was difficult because there were so many excellent choices.

A few Themes that stood out for me during the week were:

1.Hope, and the imperative that counselors must always point toward and offer hope.
2. The importance of the sacred and spiritual connection that needs to occur between therapist, client, and God.
3. That a therapist can never view a session as 'just the next session' when, for the client, it may well be a turning point for the rest of their lives. Every session is to be viewed as important as if it were the only session.
4. What you believe about yourself determines what you do. Who you are determines how you live. When we forget who we are we forget what to do.
5. The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart.
6. Our souls and bodies catch each other's diseases because they live so close together.
7. We all spend time in the pit, but God will see us through and He will use it for Good in our lives.

That is just the tip of the iceberg!! So, buckle your seatbelts, because I have new tools in my toolbox! Also got to reconnect with masters and phD classmates, professors, and some time with my clinical supervisor for my Masters degree, Jeff Sumpolec (we went to the same workshop on Friday!)

A wonderful experience for sure. A place where God met me where I was. Blessings, Susie