Our Issues of Life Group, Chapter 3 starts tomorrow,  June 28th, with a welcome brunch @ 11! Please know that you are invited and warmly welcomed to join.  The group will run each week from 11-12:30.  We would love for you to be a part of us. The four dates for the first summer group are:


June 28th

July 5th

July 12th

July 18th

 Here is some information about the group. This will be our 3rd chapter of the Issues of Life group.  It is a process therapy group. This 3rd run will consist of four weeks of  sessions where we will look at one issue of life for the entire 4 weeks. The 4th run will pick up another issue of life for the 2nd 4 weeks.  We are hopeful that going deeper into a couple of our issues of life will be beneficial.

 This will help us cover the summer months, and then in the fall, we will go back to our 6 week format – with 2 week breaks in between.

 Your life matters so very much to us here at Journey to Hope.  Your issues of life are helping to refine and strengthen you; it is also my prayer that they may be used to help and encourage others. Praying for you this week.

In Christ, Susie