Issues of Life Group for Women, Chapter 2

Our Issues of Life therapy group for women is restarting this Thursday, April 19th and I would love for you to consider joining this 6 week group for women.  We will be continuing our journey through the issues of life that we all face.  If you were a part of our first issues of life group, we would be honored to have you join us again.  If you were not able to make the last group, this is a great time to start.  Some of the issues we faced in our last group were  Grief and Loss, Depression, Relationships,  Anxiety and Worry and Guilt and Shame.  This session will be just as powerful and relevant.  We would love to have you.

 Here are the details:

Thursdays, beginning April 19th

11-12:30 p.m.

Cost per session: $50.00(*Most insurance companies will help pay for group therapy).

Praying for you today. Hope you can join us.