Saturday night, June 4th, 2011 

Hi.  I wanted to reach out to you with some counseling news and updates as I prepare to travel to Liberty for class this week.  I will be in class Monday-Friday (June 6-10) from 8-4:30, but will be able to check email and voice mail, and can return calls after class in the evenings.  Please reach out if you need to, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  My regular counseling schedule resumes on Monday, June 13th.  


Let me also say what a privilege it is to be able to work with you at Journey to Hope.  There is such progress being made; and I know that sometimes you would really like the progress to be at a faster pace; and yet, from my vantage point; there is reason to rejoice in some of the changes that are being attempted; made or at least being considered.  I am praying that we will continue to work for change and improvement in our journey together.  I believe that the changes that still need to be made are absolutely possible.


We have just finished up two group therapy offerings; one for women and one for teens, and they were both amazing. Amazing in that there was so much honesty and transparency and faithfulness to the 4 week groups.  Please stay tuned, as there will be more group offerings coming up, with a slightly different focus, duration, and day/time.  There are not words to describe some of the beautiful images and words used during the group sessions. I believe that the groups worked hard on their own issues, and worked to be an encouragement to others in their group.  So very thankful for both group experiences! Some of the most touching expressions of both groups are displayed on our bulletin board as you walk in to the office, and some of the themes of HOPE, OPTIMISM, INSPIRATION and WHAT I THINK I CAN DO were breathtakingly beautiful.  Here are a few:  What I believe I can do….wings because one day I will be free of all of this pain…heart with wings because one day I will be free to be myself with others instead of hiding….I can help others…..I can let others see the real me….just to name a few.  What a blessing to my heart!